The Story of Innu London

The Innu London team are writing their story sat with a bottle of champagne on ice, the sun shining down on us and the sea sparkling far into the distance like a pool of diamonds. So where shall we begin…



Innu London is a luxury fashion company known for its handmade clothing and elegant day to evening wear, as well as exotic skin handbags and accessories. Kimberley Melville-Smith is an English fashion designer, who started the luxury fashion label with Vas Constantinou after travelling in June 2012.
The Innu's are indigenous inhabitants of an area they refer to as "Nitassinan" (our land) from areas in Canada including Labrador and Quebec. Innu means 'the people' which to us include the London creative design team, our world wide friends and manufacturers and most importantly you, the people and customers who will cherish our collections for generations to come. The Innu inhabitants were the first North Americans to encounter European explorers. 


The initial tribe traded fur by setting sail on riverboats to destinations along the coast such as Lake Melville. This has inspired some of the names for our collections and the ethos on using mainly natural fibers and ethically sourced exotic skins. They were experts at making clothing from craibou and buckskin as well as handmade necklaces from bone and beads. Some of the most exquisite painted caribou skin coats of the famous Naskapi tribe are proudly displayed exclusively in museums all over the world. Today Haute Couture fashion houses are still influenced by Innu fashion from feathers to fringe to fur. These designs have been present on the catwalk for many years and no doubt many more years to come.




Since June 2012, the designers alongside their creative team have worked towards creating Innu London, a world of style, sophistication and luxury. Kimberley Melville-Smith and Vas Constantinou embarked on an adventure to India and South East Asia. This is where Innu London was born. Kimberley designs for the Ibizian goddess, sophisticated and elegant. The Innu girl is confident and fun with a positive energy. She loves fashion and all things luxury but is not pretentious. She is beautiful inside and out and has a warm, loving heart. She is a strong woman, who knows exactly what she wants and who she wants to be. Floaty, free, elegant dresses are beautifully designed and crafted by Kimberley's own two hands. Spending time and thought on each and every dress, the work does not stop until her collections satisfy her horrendous need of a perfectionist.

Our exotic skin bags and accessories are hand crafted by our manufacturers and life long friends. Kimberley chooses the skins herself to ensure they are safely and ethically sourced from the same place as major haute couture fashion houses to guarantee the highest quality materials. We offer our customers high quality, luxury products with a luxury service building a relationship that will last.

Innu London procures its leather materials from Indonesia, a member of CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) ensuring all material are ethically sourced.  The story behind the python is fascinating. Indonesia's largest revenue source is palm oil. To stop rodents from eating and destroying these plantations so vital to the country’s economy, the Indonesian Government started a programme of farming pythons for distribution throughout the plantations. Due to the high amount of food available to these animals, pythons can grow up to 6 metres in length, becoming a danger not only to small domestic and farm animals, but even to humans. To comply with International standards, Indonesia successfully became a member of CITIES, allowing the culling of pythons in correlation to the amount of snakes they put into the plantations annually. Innu London is very aware of its ethical responsibilities in searching for ways to deliver products in line with concerns of the environment and animal welfare. Great effort is put to ensure all skins are sourced under strict guidelines.




This year, Innu London has really taken off from debuting at London Fashion Week to being asked to work with some incredibly talented photographers to features in magazines. So what does the future hold for Innu London? How about an exclusive fashion show in September for LFW with many high profile guests as well as our first international show in Dubai in November.  

And we aim to open our first store in London by the end of the year so you can all enjoy feeling the materials, trying on the clothes and a glass of bubbly of course. But more on all that later…