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Resort Wear Collection - Summer All Year Round

We all love sunny warm days. So we at Innu London decided it's about time we updated our collection to meet the requirements of those who love gliding and strolling leisurely around beautiful areas in warmer climates. This collection is based on the animal kingdom, hence the name Innu Kingdom Resort Wear. You will see there are hidden leopards on some of the clothes for the extra magic of the second glance.  This collection is for men, women and eventually the little rock star children too. We have spent a long time developing this latest collection as we wanted it to be breathable, comfortable and divine for all to wear. In this collection there are also some rather stylish shoes...

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Steps to Knowledge

Innu London has been working hard undercover to show you what really happens in the daily life of the fashion brand. From the people who make the products, to the people who purchase them; how it makes people feel knowing purchasing from Innu, they are helping improve the lives of others. Innu "the people".

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